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About Us

Michael Godwin – a pilot, engineer and inventor – designed our award winning body dryer and registered apresShower Ltd in 1991. Michael successfully brought his product to the UK and European market. Unfortunately, severe dementia meant that Michael was no longer able to be involved on a day to day basis in the business, and he sadly passed away in 2017. Now, a new team are fulfilling Michael’s ambitions of making the apresShower Body Dryer a must have household item.


1991 - Michael Godwin

Michael invents, develops and patents his apresShower Body Dryer.


2007 - Ryan Godwin

Always involved with the business, Ryan takes over the day to day running of apresShower.


2013 - Airteem

Airteem was formed to continue Ryan and Michael’s work. 


2019 - ApresShower Ltd

Airteem partner with new investors and engineers to develop new ideas and markets.


2021 - Relaunch

ApresShower Ltd relaunches the apresShower Body Dryer to the international market.

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