Michael Godwin invented our apresShower body dryer in 1991 and started APRES SHOWER LTD which manufactured and distributed the original body dryer all over the world.

Michael had been living with dementia for many years at home with his wife Sylvia Godwin who sadly passed away in 2012. In 2013 he became he became a resident at local care home which cared lovingly for him until he passed away 7th June 2017.

His son, Ryan Godwin lead the funeral with a spectacular speech to send his father on his way accompanied by a selection of well chosen songs. Below we have published some of Michael’s journey to give you a glimpse of the Michael Godwin’s character.

He was born in 1942 whilst his Father was serving in the war he was born in Queens Park, his mother was living near her in laws at Gillibrand Street, the family home was on Greenway Street. When he was born his father, Jack, Grandfather Albert and Great Grandfather old Tommy Godwin were all alive, that was unusual in those days.
At that time, he became an apprentice at Transparent Paper Mills and served his time there, at that time he met my mother and they eventually got married in 1964 their first home was The Pack Horse Inn at Birtle and I (Ryan) was born in 1965, I was supposed to be the first of four boys but before that plan was put into action my mother died in a car accident along with her friend Janet Mulkeen,  at this time my father started his first business M J Godwin and Son…
He invented the body dryer and was a genius with engineering projects an accomplished engineer and great story teller, he was well known in the Duke William in Bury and the 103 club and many more, he joined in when Sylvia opened a club in Blackpool, he travelled all over the world, he lived life as a young man as though every day would be his last and we undertook various different business enterprises, for a time we were long distance wagon drivers…
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped my family through a prolonged disaster, I want to mention his neighbours on Woodhill Street for their many kindnesses and for all the carers that have helped to keep him safe and as well as he could be, so often everyone forgets the care, the lonely hours of mundane jobs of caring for a person who lacks the ability to do anything for themselves.
My father believed in the individual and freedom, I guess anyone who has lived through the shadow of wars has the same idea, as I was thinking about today and planning what I would say I have also spent a lot of time working out what I wasn’t going to say and as we are saying goodbye to dad I have chosen different pieces of music, my father thought he was Mr Wonderful and he has been adored by many in his time I wanted to close with Sam Cooke because the song is a protest anthem and it is a kind of prayer for our country and for dad and for so many people in the last few weeks who were taken away so needlessly, my mothers family came from Manchester and I had hoped I wouldn’t live to see kids murdered on the streets.
I hope a change is going to come. It needs to do.