Welcome to the home of the original body dryer. Invented in 1991 by Michael Godwin, our body dryer has been helping people throughout the world for 30 years.


Our body dryer will assist you in drying and offer respite for carers.


apresShower will dry you more quickly than a towel, and save on laundry.


The body dryer works by keeping the shower space, and you, warm.

Ready to dry without towels?


Can I install the apresShower body dryer in my shower cubicle?

Yes, the body dryer was designed to fit in to the corner of a shower cubicle or wet room so that you are close to the drying action. 

How long will it take to dry me?

We like to say between 3-6 minutes, although this can vary from person to person. The dryer emits 20°C air, which, dependent on ambient temperature, could differ by 3-4°C. However, people tend to find their own methods that work best for them.

Is it quick and easy to fit?

Yes, the body dryer pod is suspended from a wall bracket which is fixed to the wall with two screws. Electrical installation needs to be completed by a self-certifying electrician because of the wet area it is installed in.

What is the exact size of the body dryer?

The dryer can be altered to fit various locations. The standard size of the dryer is 205cm [80.5”] tall. This includes the foot, both leg sections and the pod. Each leg is 98cm [38”] in length. The pod measures 27.5cm [11”] and has a depth of 26.5cm [10”].

How quickly are orders dispatched?

We aim to ship any orders within five working days.

Does the apresShower come as a complete unit?

Yes, the unit comes complete; all that is required are the components to be put together and a self-certifying electrician to install the body dryer

Can the dryer be used by children under 8 years old?

Yes, providing they have had sufficient instruction, knowledge and are supervised by an adult.

Can the column be shortened and if so what is the maximum it can be cut by?

Yes, the bottom leg can be reduced to facilitate multiple situations. The bottom leg can be reduced by a maximum of 44cm. We recommend never cutting across the tear-drop pores.

Can the dryer be fixed horizontally rather than vertically where space is an issue?

We would not recommend fitting the apresShower Body Dryer in a horizontal position.

Can you arrange installation for me?

Yes! Our nationwide team of fitters are able to install the dryer in your bathroom. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Do you work with distributors?

Absolutely – we are always looking to work with showrooms, plumbing suppliers, and other businesses. If you’d like to become a distributor of the apresShower Body Dryer, please get in touch via our contact page.

About Us

We have been manufacturing the apresShower Body Dryer since 1991. We believe this product has potential to help people every day.


The apresShower is fully tested and has been customer approved for over 25 years. 


The body dryer is tested and qualifies to IPX4 rating, allowing it to be installed within the bathroom area.